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Peinture Cyril
RBQ license: 5782-8758-01

Choose Peinture Cyril for interior, exterior and commercial painting jobs in Ottawa and the surroundings. Low prices and high quality guaranteed. Ask for your free estimate now!

Peinture Cyril is an expert in painting and plastering jobs in Ottawa and its neighboring. We offer our services for interior, exterior, and commercial painting. Whether your projects are small like the painting of your bathroom and bedroom, or large-scale like painting the siding of your shop, your satisfaction is our priority. Our team will make sure your expectations are exceeded by making a final inspection with you.

Our competitive prices include the price of the paint you have chosen and we will pick it up from our supplier. Choosing Peinture Cyril is opting for peace of mind.

Contact us now to discuss your projects and get a free estimate from your painter in Ottawa.

Painter services in Ottawa

  • Commercial painting
  • Residential painting
  • Patio and terrace staining
  • Plastering
  • Doors and windows caulking
  • Interior and exterior
  • Bilingual
  • Free estimate
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painter ottawa
painter ottawa
painter ottawa
painter ottawa
painter ottawa
painter ottawa
painter ottawa
painter ottawa

Entrust your painting job to our team of professional painters in Ottawa.

Why choose Peinture Cyril?

Turnkey service

We offer you high-quality service in all the steps of your projects. We can help you in choosing the right paint if it is not already done. And before leaving, our team will make a final inspection to ensure everything is perfect.

Cleanliness of the work site

At Peinture Cyril, we have at heart your well-being and we know that you want to come back quickly in your property. That is the reason why we make sure to clean thoroughly all the rooms we worked in, so you have no need to worry.


Before starting our painting work, we will make sure everything is in perfect condition. To avoid all defects, we will repair the walls and ceilings if it is needed, and if it is a new room, we will be doing all the plastering.

Commercial painting

Peinture Cyril, painter in Ottawa, is the team you need for all your commercial painting job. Whether it is for the interior painting of your offices, your hairdressing salon, your store or the exterior of your restaurant or your business, contact your experts to ensure high-quality results. Did you know that new paint can motivate the employees and attract new clients? Do not wait and call us to discuss your projects!

Peinture Cyril, a painter in Ottawa, will exceed all your highest expectations!